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Create Nancy Noah's Cascading Hearts as a wall hanging or table runner.

Polish your piecing skills in making strip sets, nine-patch blocks, half square triangles, and Flying Geese in Bonny Peters' Practice Makes Perfect.

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Why Submit to TQPM?


Why Submit to TQPM?

For New and Aspiring Designers/Authors

Not a professional designer/author, but thinking of becoming one? Submit your original patterns/article for consideration. Think of the bragging rights you will have!

You will benefit greatly from submitting patterns/articles to TQPM, which will provide you the following:

  • an opportunity to become known quickly
  • recognition as an established designer/author
  • the ability to add "magazine-published" to your professional resume

TQPM offers you the following:

  • helps you learn how to put a pattern/article together in a professional manner
  • takes your pencil sketches and turns them into publication-quality diagrams

For Experienced Designers/Authors

This is a great opportunity for added exposure!

Publication Perks

In addition to payment, publication provides other benifits.

  • Your designs/articles will be seen by a larger audience, not just the quilt shops, guilds, groups, or shows in your immediate geographic area.
  • Your name will become known without your having to do your own self-promotion.

Special Added Feature for Designers

TQPM offers you the following opportunities:

  • Become involved with Pattern Pastiche, TQPM's private online community for quilters.
  • See how others interpret your design.
  • Manage your own Pattern Pastiche forum group as relates to your BOM/Mystery/Workshop - an excellent way for a designer to get to know their followers!
  • Observe people using your patterns in real time and get feedback during their quilt-making process. This helps to further understand how quilters think and thereby helps in writing even better patterns.

Pattern Perks

  • Your pattern will retain your style and your “voice” as much as possible.
  • Patterns are not reduced in size to fit a page limit.
  • Multiple-sized patterns are accepted and used.
  • The designer's preferred cutting and piecing techniques are used, not a standard formula.
  • Your pattern will be polished and grammar corrected if and where necessary.
  • Your pattern will be tested by quilters.
  • You will have a preview of your pattern before publication.

Submission Perks

  • You will receive a quick response from TQPM - usually within two weeks of submitting.
  • TQPM requires First Publication Rights only! Copyright is returned to you 4 months after the pattern's/article's TQPM publication date.
  • After the copyright is returned to you, TQPM offers for a small fee the TQPM-formatted pattern/article in PDF format for your use. This is the fully-formatted and edited pattern/article.
  • Upon publication, you receive a one-year subscription to TQPM.
  • You receive two (one in magazine and one in newsletter) free ad in the month/months that your pattern/article is published in TQPM. Additional ads can be placed for a very reasonable fee.
  • You can include a profile picture and a bio to accompany your pattern/article. This helps in becoming known and recognized. URLs to your websites or blogs can be included.
  • TQPM offers a personalized URL/Login page where your social media/networking followers can subscribe at a discounted price.
  • You can post a 'sneak peek' of your design/article to your social media followers in the month prior to publication.


Conditions to Submitting
The designer/author retains the right to teach, publicly display, or otherwise use their design/article in all ways short of publication. The designer/author agrees they have not published on their own nor allowed any other entity to publish their design/article. The designer/author agrees they have not shared any photos electronically. This includes all social media, both private and public.

For projects, we recommend you submit a query first. Send a clear photograph of the finished product. We usually respond within two weeks of receiving a submission. If you do not hear from us within that time, please send a follow-up email.

Along with your project submission, please include the pattern submittal form.

Along with your article submission, please include the article submittal form.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine plans each issue at least ten months in advance. Please consider this when submitting seasonal articles or projects.



To avoid spam, this is not a live link. Please type this address into your email program.

Contact us if you have any questions or problems.


I will jump in here to say that working with the ladies at The Quilt Pattern Magazine is super-wonderful!! They are so very encouraging and helpful when you are new at all this and their execution is amazing and very professional! - Marija V.
My first pattern, Colors of October, is coming out in the May issue (sent in 2012) and I am super excited and very grateful to the TQPM staff. - Marija V.
I will agree with you on that, Marija. I have a monthly column in the magazine and I find them wonderful to deal with. Great mag. as well. - Anna B.
One of the advantages of writing for TQPM is that there's less competition, thus a better chance of getting published and breaking into the business. Because TQPM insist on publishing a quality magazine, they have to guide and mentor us more than if they accepted work from experienced writers only. But being so helpful, the staff makes it easier to learn the rules and the magazine give us opportunities for publishing. Those are advantages that are not necessarily available to us from long-established magazines, and they are gold to us. - Mary M.
The Quilt Pattern Magazine is always
seeking new material to share with other
quilters. Here is a list of the types of projects
and articles in which we are interested.
Embroidery (Not Digital)
Foundation Paper Piecing
English Paper Piecing
Penny Rugs
Crazy Quilts
Holiday Items
Art Quilts
Unique Blocks
All Skill Levels
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Traditional Patterns in New Ways
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Article Guidelines

MONTHLY COLUMN: 400 - 1000 words with at least one picture per month. Consideration for a monthly column requires 6 installments upfront and one every month thereafter.

BOOK REVIEW: 500 words or less with book cover picture.

ARTICLES: Single installment of 3000 words or less or a series of up to 10 installments, with each installment between 500 to 2000 words. There needs to be a picture or small graphic per 500/750 words. Stories must be quilt-related.


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