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Balance light, medium, and dark fabrics from single colorway to create Donna D'Amelio's Hugs and Kisses.

Rotate a single block to create the overall design of Bonny Peter's Modern Parasol.

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background quilt made by Julyn Watkins and quilted by Virginia Gore 

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2014 May page 38 and September page 47 - Confetti Toss Mystery Quilt - typo correction

2014 April page 36 - Take Me For A Spin - diagram corrections

2014 March Templates pages 11 - 13 - The Summer Iris Picnic Quilt - template corrections

2013 November page 34 and 35 - Take Me For A Spin - measurement corrections

2013 September page 54 - Painted Hearts - typo correction

2011 February page 3 - Table of Contents - spelling correction

2011 January page 19 -Tulip Block for Simple Yet Elegant BOM - measurement correction





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