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Karen Saari's pattern Friends Forever combines two simple blocks for a stunning result.

Barbara Douglas' Shimmer combines half-square triangles and one colorway to create a radiating quilt.

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background quilt made by Julyn Watkins and quilted by Virginia Gore 
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June Bride
by Sindy Rodenmayer
May 2014 to Jan 2015

Gram's Dresden Heart Pillow
by Donnely Barber
Feb 2014

Gram's Dresden Heart Runner
by Donnely Barber
Feb 2014

Painted Hearts
by Cindy Mccoy
Jun 2013 to Sep 2013

Have A Heart
by Maria Hrabovsky
Feb 2012

Hearts on Display
by Joan Bassett
Jan 2012

Pockets of Love
by Sarah Vanderburg
Feb 2011

Woven Hearts
by Barb Johnson
Jan 2011

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