“Earl Grey Diamond Mosaic” by Nan Baker

This month, we begin a new mystery quilt, Earl Grey Diamond Mosaic, by Nan Baker. Invoking the grandeur of the old world in a bold and beautiful setting and using a modern color palette, Nan has created a design that is sure to stand the test of time. You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to make this stunning quilt. Nan’s grey, yellow, and black colors make a striking quilt. However, any three-color combination will work. The key is your choice for the mixed-color prints. Refer to the color key below for the fabrics she used and choose fabrics that will contrast similarly well.

Nan Baker’s Earl Grey Diamond Mosaic will appear in five installments from April 2015 through August 2015.

Be sure to join the Earl Grey Diamond Mosaic Mystery group on Pattern Pastiche, The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s online quilters’ forum. There, you can get answers to any questions you might have, share your progress, and see what others are doing. Don’t forget you can post pictures of in-progress and finished Earl Grey Diamond Mosaic Mystery quilts as well!

“Twisted” by Mary Kay Davis

This month, we present another striking design called Twisted by Mary Kay Davis. This is a terrific pattern for colorful, bold fabrics. Choose a bright and bold outer border and complementary fabrics for the blocks from the same fabric line. A stripe adds visual interest.

Don’t be intimidated by the templates! They make it easy to create precise blocks that will make piecing quick and easy.

Be sure to see her free-motion quilting book review in this issue of the magazine.

“Flower Pot Covers” by Anna Branch

What better way to welcome spring than with these lovely Flower Pot Covers by Anna Branch? These are fast and fun to make and we’re sure you already have plenty of fabric in your stash for this project. Once you’ve mastered making the darts, there will be no stopping you. These are addictive, so watch out! You can’t make just one!

A pot with a 4-1/2″ saucer fits nicely in these covers. Enlarge the template for larger pots. Make sure your pot doesn’t have drainage holes, or use a short saucer in the bottom to catch water.

“Somethin’ Fishy” by Isobel Meekins

Isobel Meekins’ Somethin’ Fishy is a happy little quilt, perfect for kids of all ages. Easily adapted for boys or girls, you will keep coming back to this pattern time and time again. Best of all, the small amounts required of each fabric will make this a great stash quilt!

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“Striped Independence” by Tammy Harrison

Get ready for patriotic summer holidays with Tammy Harrison’s Striped Independence. This is a quick and easy project. Don’t let the simplicity of the blocks fool you. There are plenty of alternative layouts. See the last page of the pattern for a few ideas.

The Striped Independence blocks are fast and easy to assemble using Tammy’s Sew-N-Slash™ method. Tammy recommends chain piecing to speed up block construction. Once assembled, you’ll slash the blocks to size.

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April Editorial

Is your birthday in April? You lucky girl, you! The birthstone for the month of April is the diamond. Who doesn’t love diamonds? Whether on our finger or in a quilt, diamonds are classic.

Diamond shapes of any size are easy to make with a rotary cutter and ruler. Cut a strip of fabric 2″-3″ wide. Tilt your ruler so one of the degree lines will line up with the bottom left edge of the strip. Slide the strip to the right under the ruler far enough so the right edge of the ruler has enough fabric under it to cut and the bottom is still on the degree line. Make the first cut.

Now just slide the ruler carefully to the right 2″-3″ (whatever the width of the strip is) and make the next angled cut.

They are so easy to cut this way that, before you know it, you’ll have a pile of diamonds in every color. I’m sorry to say it’s not quite that easy to get a diamond to wear on your finger.

What to do with all those diamonds? Google “diamond quilting patterns” and you’ll be making diamond quilts till the cows come home and then some. Many diamond quilt patterns are classic and have been around since before the pioneers came west. This is a great chance to play with color or make some two-color quilts. Use your scraps and make a picnic quilt for the warmer weather ahead.

April is the month for diamonds, so indulge in the luxury. April also has two flowers belonging to it; daisies and sweet peas. If you’d rather appliqué, that brings forth even more great ideas.

Happy April!


April Issue

“The Quilt Pattern Magazine” April issue is posted!

“Jewels of the Orient” by Barbara Chojnacki

If you’ve never worked with Oriental-style prints before, you may find that the combinations of colors are outside your comfort zone. Be bold and move ahead! Start with a multicolored focus fabric that “speaks to you” to set your color scheme, then pull colors out of that for your pieced triangles. – Barbara

Barbara Chojnacki’s Jewels of the Orient will appear in four installments beginning this month with the Introduction, Materials, and Part 1 and running through June 2015.

National Quilting Day!

Today, March 21st, is National Quilting Day!

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“Hashtag Improv” by Nancy Noah

Hashtag Improv was designed with improvisational simplicity in mind for the piecing as well as providing a lot of “negative space” for machine quilting. The sample uses white for the background or negative space, but this table runner would also look great with a gray, dark blue, or another color that fits in with your décor.

The runner finishes at 15″ x 45″ before it is quilted. Heavy quilting will make it slightly smaller.

Nancy used a combination of books, magazines, and online sources for ideas and quilted the sections of Hashtag Improv with different quilting designs. What a great way to build your free-motion quilting skills!

Be sure to see her free-motion quilting book review in this issue of the magazine.

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