“Tessellation Constellation”, by Barbara Douglas

Tessellation Constellation, by Barbara Douglas, uses a tessellated piecing technique to sew the triangle patches together. This piecing technique makes it possible to sew intertwined puzzle-like pieces together using simple straight stitching.

It begins with a partially-sewn first seam; leaving one end open and floppy. You continue sewing the remaining seams around the block in a normal manner until you return to the original seam which you then close by sewing the floppy end to the last piece sewn on.

If this is a new technique for you, don’t be afraid to give it a try. It is not difficult, just different.

“Pumpkin Table Runner” by Carol Dockery

Carol Dockery’s Pumpkin Table Runner is a fun, quick project in fall colors. The generous size is great for a buffet table! The pumpkins are made using various width strips to make stress-free, Not-Quite-A-Log-Cabin Snowball blocks. Find various fat eighths in your fabric stash or just cut a variety of strips from your scraps.

Carol used an assortment of fall-colored cotton prints. Make a more sophisticated version using a mixture of batiks. If you love the scrappy look, use a medley of cream prints for the background and sashing and piece together a variety of 2-1/2″ wide strips for the outer border.

“Berry Merry Christmas” by Jo Moury

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I, for one, can never have too many quilts for this time of year. There are lap size quilts to cuddle in, throw over a chair for seasonal color, or tuck into a basket just to be pretty. Berry Merry Christmas is going to give you the chance to blend a traditional star block with a flowing holly wreath to give you a timeless quilt you’ll be sure to use year after year.

To get started you’ll need three fabrics for your pieced background that are similar in color but with some difference in their color intensity. I used cream, a subtle cream/gold print, and gold for my background.

October Editorial

I’ve heard it said, “The older you get, the faster time goes by.” I don’t know who said it and, of course, it’s not true. Time passes at the same rate, no matter how old we are. But it sure does seem true, doesn’t it? I know, for me, every year seems to pass so fast it leaves a breeze on my face. Then, I remember my plans from January and, well, it goes downhill from there!

I’ve tried so many things to keep myself on schedule in order to meet all the obligations in my life, as well as the grandkids’ birthdays, and still get a few things for myself. There are numerous softwares, apps and websites available to help a person do this; many of them free or for a small charge. I’ve purchased forms that go into binders to keep track of activities. I’ve even paid for programs that come with their own pretty binder and the insides, along with a few cute accessories. I really love office supplies and organizational items, so anything that comes with cute pencils is a no-brainer for me.

However, as wonderful as all those things are – none of them have worked for me. Oh, there are numerous reasons; sometimes, I can’t figure out the software or I don’t have time to learn it. The worst reason of all is that I forget to use it. Sigh.

The other day at the grocery store, I was window shopping the office supply aisle when I noticed a very simple book; a calendar/planner I guess it would be called. Nice big squares for each day on the calendar page and additional big rectangles right after that for the planner part of it. It just has four sections; planning, contacts, resources and notes. It was $6. I bought it.

I realize you are wondering, Resources? What are those? I think it was pretty clever. It’s a place to list your usernames and passwords! And, yes, I know you’re not supposed to write them down, but who can keep track of all the passwords we need for all the different places we go online? Especially the ones for the bank, which are supposed to be made up of all different characters. I simply can’t remember all of them. I filled it out in pencil, because we are supposed to change them regularly.

I’m thinking this simple little book may be the answer to all my problems. Well, not all of them, but at least I’ll be on time for them. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this little book works for me this next year. What do you do to keep yourself organized and on time?

I know a lot of people who will be very thankful when I start getting things done ahead of time!

Happy October!!


October issue

The Quilt Pattern Magazine October issue is posted!

New Testimonial

I wanted to send a quick note to say CONGRATULATIONS on a couple more outstanding issues of TQPM. Really enjoyed both issues! The article about Applique Overlay was very timely for me! THANK YOU! – Annie

TQPM EQ Creativity Call

TQPM presents an exciting new program for EQ designers and block lovers!

  • You do not need to have EQ to make the blocks.
  • You do not need to be an advanced EQ designer to submit a block.

For more information visit.

Subscribers: Log into your account. Once you are in, click TQPM EQ Creativity Call in the LEFT side bar.

Subscribers: Join Nan on Pattern Pastiche for TQPM EQ Creativity Call group.

New Testimonial

Thanks again Cindy. Love this online magazine. So glad I ran across it one day. I am completely hooked. Want to do every project in them (as you can tell by my needing back issues).You and your staff are to be commended on doing such a great job – and at such a low price – and be able to access issues forever on our computer. WOW! Great job! Kudos to all! – Judy

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“Flower Vine” by Cindy Mccoy

This month, Cindy Mccoy brings us another of her sweet appliqué designs in the Flower Vine table runner. The small amounts of fabrics required make this another great stash-busting project. If you are new to hand-appliqué, Cindy’s terrific directions for making bias vines and the large-sized appliqué pieces make this a perfect beginner’s project.

It’s also a great take-along project. As always, you can also use the templates for fusible appliqué. The templates are arranged so that you can print them directly onto printable, fusible applique sheets to save time.

So, what are you waiting for? Start today and in no time you’ll have a lovely little table runner!

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