“Flower Vine” by Cindy Mccoy

This month, Cindy Mccoy brings us another of her sweet appliqué designs in the Flower Vine table runner. The small amounts of fabrics required make this another great stash-busting project. If you are new to hand-appliqué, Cindy’s terrific directions for making bias vines and the large-sized appliqué pieces make this a perfect beginner’s project.

It’s also a great take-along project. As always, you can also use the templates for fusible appliqué. The templates are arranged so that you can print them directly onto printable, fusible applique sheets to save time.

So, what are you waiting for? Start today and in no time you’ll have a lovely little table runner!

“Stained Glass Placemats” by Isobel Meekins

Ooooo . . . don’t you just want to drop everything and try these Stained Glass Placemats by Isobel Meekins? Isobel’s version is so bright and cheery. Can’t you imagine these placemats made in an assortment of beautiful floral prints or a selection of fun novelty prints? Requiring just six fat quarters, your selection is only limited by the size of your stash! Best of all, you can use one of those fat quarter sets you’ve been hoarding — you know the ones we’re talking about . The ones all nicely tied up with a ribbon that are stuffed in a basket on the shelf. You don’t use them because you can’t bring yourself to break up the happy little fabric family. Well, they are perfect for this project because in the end, all the fat quarters get to live next to each other and get equal billing right on the front of the placemats! Of course, if there are a few ugly relatives in the pack, they can always be used for the backings. Just sayin’ . . .

Make ‘em for yourself. Make ‘em for a friend. Don’t forget you can make ‘em for your relatives too!

“Bubble and Squeak” by Kris Driessen

Named for an English dish that uses leftovers, Bubble and Squeak, by Kris Driessen, is designed to use all those wonderful leftover scraps from other quilts! Although the directions are written for fat quarters, feel free to substitute any random fabric you think will look good. This quilt is meant to be colorful.

Did you notice? All the projects in this issue can be made using substantial amounts of your stash or scrap bin. Perfect for this busy time of year, you can start almost any of them without a trip to the shop. Although this pattern is written to take advantage of smaller scraps when making the half-square triangle units, feel free to use any method of your choice. Better yet, just cut some of the orphan half-square triangles already in your stash down to size. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

“Bailee’s Quilt” by Terri Lukshaitis

This month we are pleased to present a new desginer, Terri Lukshaitis. She brings us Bailee’s Quilt, a bold, modern bed-sized quilt. Because of the bold graphics in this quilt, it’s easily adaptable to any decor and would look equally great in girl or boy colors. It also lends itself to the use of budget-friendly solids.

Terri’s add-and-trim method for creating the zigzag frame in this quilt makes assembly quick and easy.

“Flying Balloon Zoo” by Barbara Douglas

We begin a new Block-of-the Month with Barbara Douglas’ adaptation of Michelle Verbeeck’s original watercolor artwork depicting her hot air balloon animals in Flying Balloon Zoo. This project will be presented in ten installments starting this month and ending in May 2015.

Barbara used easy fusible appliqué to create each block. Choose your favorite machine stitch to quickly finish the edges; then the fun begins.

This quilt lends itself to adding details to the bird tails, fluffy clouds, and balloon cables using stitching or paint pens.

September Editorial

“Bye!” We wave as the school bus drives away with our precious children. Now, the question: did you go home and have a good cry, wondering what to do with your day? Or, did you go home and call your best friend and say, “I’ll meet you at noon at our favorite place to eat!” Perhaps you both giggled and hung up.

I’ll be honest here. I tried to cry about it, I really did. My children were entering a new phase in their life. They were leaving me behind. But, truthfully, all I could do is run into the bathroom and take a very long, hot shower in complete privacy and enjoy every minute of it, looking forward to my lunch and shopping date with my best friend. We hadn’t been able to do this for quite a while. It was a tradition: first day of school lunch and shopping, adult-style.

We did lament that we weren’t better mothers; sad to see them go, missing them all day and being excited to see them come home. We both admitted to loving our children more than life itself, but … having these days to ourselves was such a relief after a summer filled with outings to the lake, movie day, skating day, going to play with friends, having friends over and, “Oh, can’t they spend the night?” that we were exhausted!

This was our time to work on our own projects, make some quilts, some Christmas gifts, sit and watch General Hospital from start to finish (in those days there was no pausing live TV). We could take a nap, instead of persuading little balls of sugar to take a nap. We could read a book or do absolutely nothing!

We both knew the school year would soon fill up with activities as well. Sports, rehearsals, recitals, field trips (“Mom, please drive us. All the other moms do!”), and parent/teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments – some scheduled, some surprises.

The truth is, it was an important day in our lives as well as our children’s lives. They took another step toward becoming the adult we were training them to be. It was bittersweet, for sure. Then, I blinked a few times, and suddenly they were all graduated, and had families of their own! It went by so quickly – cherish the moments.


September Issue

The Quilt Pattern Magazine September issue is posted!

TQPM 2014 Quilting Retreat

You are invited to


Sponsored by The Quilt Pattern Magazine
and hosted by staff member and designer Isobel Meekins

Leave all the stresses of daily life behind and join us for 4 days of

Things to do:

  • QUILT.
  • Take a nap.
  • Take pictures.
  • Visit the farm.
  • Fish in the pond.
  • Hike on the trails.
  • Swing in a hammock.
  • Enjoy a puzzle/board game.
  • Shop in the food and gift shop.
  • Enjoy the sunset at Sunset Lodge.
  • Jump in the natural spring-fed pool.
  • Enjoy the company of fellow quilters.
  • Curl up with a good book in the warm and cozy library.
  • Enjoy the beautifully landscaped grounds and scenic mountain views.
  • Forget all your troubles in a comfortable chair in front of a blazing fire.
  • Play tennis, badminton, ping-pong, volleyball, bingo, shuffleboard, or golf.
  • Indulge in a massage/soaking bath/facial/reflexology at the Hygeia Bath House & Spa.

Dates: Sun., Oct. 5 to Thurs., Oct. 9, 2014

Place: Capon Springs and Farms in Capon Springs, West Virginia.

Contact us for reservation information.

New Testimonial

Thank you for activating my subscription. What a fantastic magazine! So very glad I decided to splurge yesterday as this magazine is inspirational and amazing “eye candy”. Have a wonderful day and thank you again. – Susan B

“Hidden Star” by Monique Dillard

This month Monique Dillard brings us Hidden Star, a project that can help you transform your stash into a beautiful quilt. Keeping the background fabric the same for the two simple units in this quilt reveals a hidden star when they are set together. To choose your fabrics, start with a neutral and an outer border fabric that speak to you . . . then select 12 fat quarters from your stash that work with the background and border. Because the darks are not next to each other, all the fat quarters don’t necessarily have to coordinate. This makes it easy to pick a bunch of “guy” colors and put together a quilt for the man in your life or pick some softer jewel tones for your favorite day bed. To simplify things even further and really make the stars pop, just use the same fabric for the inner border and background.

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