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March 21, 2015 is National Quilting Day. We would like to give you a pattern to celebrate.

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Offer expires March 31st, 2015.

March Issue

The Quilt Pattern Magazine March issue is posted!

“Scrappy Bed Runner” by Joan Bassett

You’ll definitely use up some scraps this month making Joan Bassett’s Scrappy Bed Runner. How fun it will be to get your scrap bins and dig for the perfect set of colors!

Use the same fabric for each star or pull out several similar colors. Use a single fabric for the squares or pull out a bunch of beige tone-on-tone scraps. Mix and match leftover strips for the binding. You can even use up a variety of white-on-white print scraps for the background. The star centers and squares are also perfect for a fussy-cut novelty print!

Don’t put the scrap bins away until you’ve pieced together the backing too!

“Country Rooster Place Mats” by Donnely Barber

Can you think of anything more charming than these Country Rooster Place Mats from Donnely Barber of Moonspun Meadows?

Easy strip piecing, simple fusible applqué, and pillow-style construction without binding make these place mats a quick and easy project.

Use the yardage listed below or make yours very scrappy by cutting individual 3-1/2″ squares from your scrap bin. Donnely pieced her rooster block backgrounds from the same white fabric, but you can also use a variety of scraps to create the 11″ x 13″ rectangles.

“Butterfly Garden” by Isobel Meekins

Isobel Meekins’ Butterfly Garden is a cheery little project that will brighten up the last days of winter. Start now and you can easily have it made in time to welcome the warm spring weather. Imagine this lovely quilt draped over your favorite wicker chair on your front porch or over a picnic table at a little girl’s tea party!

“Candy Stars” by Reeze Hanson

As promised, this month we present Candy Stars, the sample quilt that Reeze Hanson used in her last EQ7 lesson (December 2014 issue). So it’s time to evaluate your EQ7 skills. How does your version stack up to hers?

Reeze provides us with a bright, fun quilt just in time for spring. As usual, she includes a lovely, slightly challenging outer border to keep us on our toes!

This quilt would easily adapt to many other color schemes. The optional block centers (yellow dots) are done with fusible applique. However, you can substitute yo-yos or buttons as Reeze did, if you like.

February Editorial

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough winter. About this time of year, I get so excited about spring arriving, even though I know it’s a ways off. So, I throw myself into the ‘month of love’ and make heart-shaped anything and everything for all my sweethearts. All 19 of them. My grandchildren. When my kids were little, I’d start the day off with some heart pancakes. Any kind of metal cookie cutter will work (just remember to lightly coat the inside of it with a cooking spray so the batter doesn’t stick to it). Place the sprayed cutters in the pan, fill with batter, and continue on making them as you usually do.

Here are some other ideas to share the love with little ones –

  • Cut their sandwiches into a heart. (Don’t do this past 5 yrs old, The kid can take some serious teasing for it.)
  • Make a heart pillow with their name on it.
  • If you live far away, send little messages every day like, “I love you so much!”, “You are the cutest _______ I know” (fill in their name), “I’ve loved you for _______ days” (figure out how many days since their birth), “Your smile shines light into my life”, “I giggle when I think about you”, etc.
  • Kids love to get things in the mail.
  • For older kids, take them to lunch on Valentine’s Day and let them order whatever they want.

I offer no advice on the grownups in your life. I’m just not going there! But I will say this: all of us here at TQPM have much love in our hearts for you, our wonderful subscribers. Without you, there would be no TQPM, so we are blowing kisses out into the universe. Try to catch one! Or not. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.


February Issue

“The Quilt Pattern Magazine” February issue is posted!

“Over the Rainbow Patchwork BOM Challenge” by Maria Hrabovsky

Have fun with this 12-month Over the Rainbow Patchwork BOM Challenge!

Each month, you will be presented with a new BOM. The challenge? You will not receive fabric requirements because each block can be made with scrap fabrics you have on hand. Also, you will decide what you will make with the finished blocks – again, no fabric requirements, because on the way or at the end, each quilter will decide on the size and type of their finished project(s). You may wish to make more than one!

You can make tote bags, table toppers, table runners, wall hangings, baby or child-size quilts, lap or throw quilts, or even a bed-sized quilt. It will be up to you. General directions for finishing a quilt will be included with block 12. All the blocks will be 12″ finished squares. For many of the blocks, we will also provide templates for 14″ and 16″ finished blocks, and at least one will be a paper-pieced pattern. We’ll have fun sharing our blocks, our progress, and our finished projects in the “Over the Rainbow BOM Challenge” group on Pattern PasticheThe Quilt Pattern Magazine’s online quilters’ forum. There, you can get answers to any questions you might have, share your progress with photos, and see what others are doing! Make one project or several along the way. Accept the challenge and join the fun!

Click here to request a sneak peak and the first block FREE!

Offer expires February 28th, 2015.

“TQPM EQ Creativity Call” – Box Weave

Check out the new block for “TQPM EQ Creativity Call”.
Block made by Joanne H.

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