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Carol Dockery's Mini Mariner's Compass gives the opportunity to cross one off your quilting bucket list.

Welcome spring with a garden of tulips in Bonny Peters' Easy Garden quilt.

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background quilt made by Julyn Watkins and quilted by Virginia Gore 

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Meet Our Staff

Nan Baker
Marketing Director

As a designer, teacher, speaker, consultant and owner of her company, PURRFECT SPOTS, Nan Baker strives to create unique and beautiful designs for quilting and needlework enthusiasts.

Her designs have appeared in numerous needlework catalogs, plus the Quilting Professional, Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, The Quilt Pattern Magazine, and on

As an animal advocate, Nan promotes animal disaster preparedness. As a former member of the Disaster Animal Response Team for The Humane Society of the United States, she created The CASEY Plan (Caring for Animals Safely in Emergencies during the Year) which is a nationwide program. She has received several awards because of her efforts. A portion of her sales is donated to animal disaster relief education.

With a degree in Health Care Marketing, Nan establishes new and innovative programs for our readers. One example is the TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team.

Nan says her position with TQPM is "purrfect" as quilting is good therapy, therefore good for your health!

Barbara Chojnacki
Editor in Chief

I have been stitching in one form or another for most of my life. After having dabbled in all types of embroidery, knitting, crocheting, and even bobbin lace, I discovered quilting and it stuck!

I began my own pattern company, Six Gables Designs, in 2005 and shortly thereafter became a founding member of the New England Quilt Designers Cooperative. In 2010, I created the Outside the Grid rulers, and I recently published my first book, Tidbits & Twiglets; Stash-busting strategies for creating quilts from five easy pieces.

I love working with scraps, especially other quilters' unwanted and unloved scraps. I can truly say I have never met a scrap I didn't like. The uglier the fabric, the more I want to play with it! I even hosted an ugly fabrics challenge on an online quilt group a while back.

I live in Westerly, Rhode Island and belong to guilds in Rhode Island and Connecticut. I teach locally and vend and demo at quilt shows throughout southern New England.

By the way, my house DOES have six gables!

Carol Dockery
Pattern Editor

I am the daughter of a Home Economics teacher and I've been sewing, quilting, and crafting my entire life. For over 25 years as a software professional, I squeezed my quilting passion into those few hours after dinner was done and before I collapsed for the night - hence my nickname, Quilter by Night.

I started converting years of handmade gifts into patterns and in 2009, Quilter by Night Designs was born. My mission is to promote the art of patchwork and quilting through all my designs and bring fun, unique, and useful patterns to quilters and sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

And, oh yes, I actually like to write patterns! I like to read, edit, and test them too! So when Cindy asked me to join TQPM as the Pattern Editor, I enthusiastically said, "Yes!" and I'm having a great time!

Carol Dockery is the owner and designer behind Quilter by Night Designs. She lives in Los Altos, California with her two wonderful sons and very loving (and tolerant) husband.

Barbara Douglas
Copy Editor

Barbara, quilt pattern designer, teacher/lecturer, art quilter and author, became a quilter at the age of 8 when her grandmother outfitted her with a cardboard template and pencil to begin her first nine-patch quilt. Over the years, she designed her own blocks and quilts for personal use and taught classes for the major fabric store where she was employed. After resigning from her long-term managerial position in 1999, she began her quilt pattern design company, Stone Cottage Designs. Though she teaches far and wide, her favorite teaching venue is in The Dungeon; her in-home studio space with its rock-lined walls and fireplace.

She shares her 76 year old stone cottage and a section of The Dungeon with her woodworking husband, Duane Douglas. Between the fabric and the wood, one can only imagine the amount of dust this old house generates. Barbara is also a mother of three and grandmother to six.

Karen Saari
Editorial Writer

I’m a lover of all things textile, from quilts to garments, and from sweaters to ribbons. Learning to sew when I was 9 at my local 4-H Club set me on a journey which, so far, has no end. I was married to a wonderful man, who recently lost his battle with liver cancer. After that, I moved from MO to ID to be closer to my family. Between us, we have 7 children, and 15 grandchildren. I am working from home, as the Editor of this magazine, sewing doll clothes for a large company, and writing another book. I recently enrolled in a university online program where I’ll earn my BA in Creative Writing, hoping to further my writing career. I'm a quilt designer and I have learned couture sewing and patternmaking. I knit and crochet, and love to hit the thrift stores, yard sales and auctions looking for treasures of all kinds. I’m happy to be included on this journey with The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

Maria Hrabovsky

Maria's fascination with quilts started in first grade with stories about pioneers and their quilts. She began quilting in 1985. In 2001, inspired by her husband's art work, they became a design team: Maria Michaels Designs.

Their quilts have appeared in The Quilt Pattern Magazine, Quiltmaker, The Canadian Quilter, and Miniature Quilt Ideas. They were interviewed for the article Couples in the Quilt Business for The Professional Quilter. Maria later wrote a two-part article for the magazine. Her quilts have been shown at three International Quilt Markets. She was invited to submit a quilt to the juried show, Kindred Spaces as part of the celebration of 100 Years of Anne of Green Gables in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,Canada. Her quilt won third place. She is a former elementary school and quilting teacher.

In 2005, realizing how difficult it can be for quilters to find a venue to sell their work, she created the website Quilts for Sale for that purpose. At last count, it represents over 140 quilters.

Sharon Kirkpatrick
Article Editor

I’ve sewn since I was 6, and quilted for about 30 years. I taught quilting for over 20 of those years. One of my classes was designed to teach quilting to those who had never sewn. It is a challenge to try to explain why a seam allowance is needed! For my classes, I designed patterns to help with teaching new and different techniques, as well as to instill a knowledge of how quilting began, and some of the history of the craft.

While with the QuiltDesigners group on Yahoo, I became aware of the need for a good pattern-testing community to support and complement designing. That’s how the QuiltPatternTester group, which has been mentioned in Quilter’s Home Magazine, came into being in 2005, and grew from a few quilting teachers and designers to over 250 members, producing new designers along the way.

I am really excited about this ezine, which represents the best of hi-tech blending with a craft that dates back to before King Menes. Quilters are great at blending the two.

Cindy Mccoy

Cindy Mccoy, known to many as MsDesigns, discovered the world of quilting in 1993. She created the company CD Designs for the purpose of selling her own appliqué patterns. In 1997, she fell in love with English Paper Piecing. Her first finished project was a gift to her mother - a king-sized Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Cindy traveled around the USA doing quilt shows as a vendor. She also taught Freezer Paper Appliqué and English Paper Piecing at the shows. After about 5 years of traveling, Cindy moved her company to the Internet. As an experienced, professional web designer, she has created all of her web sites.

Cindy is the CEO of The Quilt Pattern Magazine which is her latest big adventure.

Isobel Meekins
Technical Editor

I have enjoyed sewing and doing other crafts since childhood. In 1993, I caught the quilting bug and have been addicted ever since. After over 10 years as a middle school special education teacher, I moved on to teaching quilting classes for local and state quilt guilds, numerous quilt shops, and the Newport News Department of Parks and Recreation in Newport News, Virginia. In addition to teaching, I write my own simple-to-follow quilt patterns, organize quilting events and trips including an annual quilt retreat in Capon Springs, West Virginia, and work for various quilting vendors and pattern designers. My motto is, "Quilting should be fun and relaxing!"

Nancy Noah
Technical Editor

Quilts have always been part of my life. As I grew up, handmade quilts were often the only blankets we had. Most of them were made to be "used and abused", although there were special quilts used only on the guest bed.

I started quilting in the early 1980s to relax from what was, at times, a high emotional energy vocation. I taught my first beginners’ quilting class in my local church and then at a local fabric store. I was asked to teach more techniques, and being very conscious of copyright laws, I designed quilts to illustrate those techniques, using verbal directions in the classes.

When asked for written directions for a pattern, I discovered pattern writing is not as easy as verbal and visual demonstration, so I began testing patterns to get a feel for writing them. Since then, I have discovered I enjoy the technical side of quilt making.

I am honored and privileged to join TQPM as part of my quilting adventure. Quilting has become my avocation.

Roxana Whitner
Teacher, Editor

Roxana Whitner has been quilting since 1982, but her life with four children took precedence for a time. She returned to quilting about ten years ago and has loved following the process from the design level to its completion. Her goal is to always improve on her last quilt.

She is a retired English teacher, Copy Editor, and Media Project Coordinator. She has also devoted much of her life to volunteerism, primarily with the American Heart Association where she was awarded a top award in 2014 for her commitment to heart health. She has quilted high-end, auction items as continued support of the AHA.

She lives with her husband in Arkansas where they own a small golf club business. She belongs to her local quilt guild and the American Quilter's Society. Her other interests include reading, sewing crafts, and watching sports with her husband.

She welcomes the opportunity to work with the staff of TQPM.

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